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Heather Lee Fazzino is poised to join her famous father, 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino, among the ranks of her generation’s most influential artists. Born in 1990, Heather has always had a deep sense of artistic style and a love of fashion. She has since combined the two loves into one, launching her latest line of art-inspired canvases and apparel. 

Heather Lee began painting at the age of seven and made her artistic debut at the age of ten at The New York International Art Expo. She exhibited a series of both original paintings and limited edition giclees, informed not only in "Fazzino Style", but by The Masters – Matisse, Van Gogh, and Picasso. Flat, fine art paintings. The series featured colorful renderings of many of her favorite places including Paris, California, and New York.

Throughout her teen years, Heather Lee continued to paint, experimenting with color, medium, and technique, slowly developing her very distinct style. First creating a line of work entitled “Crook Couture.” Edgy, yet sophisticated and full of flair, Heather Lee’s paintings are inspired by her exploration of many forms of pop art and her most favorite style of art, Japanese Rinpa – a highly decorative and important school of Japanese painting originally developed in the 17th century.

Full of balance, and seemingly tribal in feel and origin, Heather Lee’s designs reflect the pathos of much of today’s youth – a fierce, almost primitive need to express emotion combined with a free-flowing and intricate sensitivity. Contemporary at their core, yet reminiscent of the ancient arts, her work evokes a strong emotional response, combining the tribal feel of Keith Haring with the simplistic iconic imagery of Romero Britto or Takashi Murakami.

This young female artist has succeeded in creating an innovative and self-defining method, adaptable to a wide variety of themes and applications. Her approach has been compared to “doodling gone haywire” by viewers who study her works in an effort to visualize the objects and ideas being conveyed, as they are not always immediately apparent. 

In conclusion, we invite you to enter Heather Lee’s mosaic of design and imagery to discover for yourself the mesmerizing power of this artist’s creations.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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